Why I Don’t Share a Travel Blog with My Boyfriend: Even Though We Travel Together

The Wayfaring Voyager

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For anyone who follows this blog or knows me even vaguely, almost everyone knows my boyfriend, Daniel. We’ve been together almost three years now, and much of that time has been spent traveling the world as a couple. Together, we’ve been to four continents as a team, and it’s likely we will continue to see much of the rest of the world together. With all this time and traveling together, and add in the fact that we’re both writers, and you would think we would share a travel blog.

But, honestly, there’s something about couples’ travel blogs that I know wouldn’t work for us.

I don’t think all of these blogs are bad, and if writing and traveling together has added meaning and increased intimacy and respect for one another, then I see nothing wrong with that. But the travel blogging world is weird. More often than not, most…

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